An important key to safety when volunteering is what you wear. Here’s a list of appropriate attire for a construction site.


Wear a heavy duty shirt, preferably long sleeved. Do not wear a shirt that is too loose or baggy. Keep your shirt tucked in to avoid snagging. Your shirt will protect you from sunburn, so keep it on even when the weather is hot. It also will protect you from scrapes and from skin-irritating materials.


Wear straight pants of proper length without pocket flaps or cuffs. They should not be baggy or so long that your heels get caught in them. Be sure your belt is secured through your pants’ belt loops.


One of the most common causes of amputated fingers is jewelry, such as rings, wrist watches, and bracelets. Jewelry can too easily get caught in machinery, which is very dangerous.


The best type of footwear on a job site are high top safety boots. They give you more support than other boots and more protection than tennis shoes, in case something should drop on your foot. Wear rubber boots when working in wet material. Tennis shoes are allowed on Habitat job site, however, they may get wet and/or dirty.


During cold weather, dress in layers so you can shed an outer layer as the day grows warmer.


In most parts of the country, it gets very hot during the summer months. While you do want to dress to be comfortable it is advised that you continue to wear long pants and a shirt with sleeves.

Tank tops or sandals/flip-flops should never be worn on a construction site!

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

You will be provided with the proper protection for the type of work you will be doing.