What is Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization building affordable homes for people who qualify. New homes are sold in exchange for at least 300 – 400 hours of “sweat equity” and the cost of building the home.

What are the minimum requirements for purchasing a home?

To purchase a home from Habitat for Humanity you must A) be legal residents of the USA. B) Live or work in the Lakeway Area for at least a year. C) Able to pay a long-term mortgage. D) Able to pay 1% down payment and closing costs E) Be willing to partner with Habitat and work at least 300-400 hours of “sweat equity”. This sweat equity can be used first on other families homes and then on building your own. F) Be willing to attend budget counseling and homeowner workshops and also participate in all Habitat events, all application evaluation steps; provide all application information in a timely, honest manner, and demonstrate a strong commitment to Habitat’s goals.

How can I qualify for a Habitat Home?

Lakeway Area Habitat will select “partner families” to become Habitat Homeowners. Partner Families are selected based on three criteria:

1. The Level of Need

Families must have a significant need for improving housing, such as:

  • Living Conditions are overcrowded, unhealthy, or in a dangerous neighborhood.
  • Applicants do not have a place of their own.
  • Rent is too high

2. Ability to Pay:

Purchasing a Habitat home is a big investment. A families source of income must be steady and verified. Income for all family members (before taxes) who will reside in the home is included, such as wages and salaries, social security, child support and disability payments.

To qualify, a family’s credit report must show that the family is without too much debt, has no tax liens, has paid off accounts in collections or charge offs, and has been out of bankruptcy for at least two years. Income guidelines are as follows:

Hamblen and Grainger Counties, Tennessee

FY 2021 Income Limit Category Grainger Hamblen
Family size: 1 $31,600 $32,550
Family size: 2 $36,100 $37,200
Family size: 3 $40,600 $41,850
Family size: 4 $45,100 $46,500
Family size: 5 $48,750 $50,250
Family size: 6 $52,350 $53,950
Family size: 7 $55,950 $57,700
Family size: 8 $59,550 $61,400

* Income guidelines subject to change. Check with LAHFH local offices for current income requirements 423-581-1661

3. Willingness to Partner

All “partner families” must be willing to work at least 300 – 400 hours of “sweat equity” . This sweat equity can be used first for other families and then on building my own. Homeowners will also have to attend budget counseling as well as homeowner workshops. They will also participate in Habitat events, participate in all application evaluation steps, provide all application information in a timely, honest manner and demonstrate a strong commitment towards Habitat’s goals.

If you qualify and would like to apply click this link and apply now.  Or you can stop by our office and pickup an application.

Lakeway Area Habitat for Humanity
1080 Alpha Valley Home Road,  Morristown, TN 37813
Phone 423-581-1661



Lakeway Area Habitat for Humanity is now offering repairs for critical needs in the Lakeway Area. Funding goes quickly for these grants, so apply today!

Call 423-581-1661 or come by our office to find out more information and to pick up a pre-application form. You may also apply online here.

Guidelines will be dependent upon the source of funding. Applying for the Home Repair Program does not guarantee approval.