From application to home repair may take approximately 3-12 months and is dependent on Grants applied for and received. Habitat is not currently able to provide immediate emergency repairs. The following are general guidelines for eligibility to apply for the Habitat Repair Program.

You may be eligible for home repair program guidelines:

  1.  Own your own home
  2.  Need critical home repairs
  3.  Ability to repay, if funding requires it

Housing Repair Need

Applicants should have a housing repair need such as living in unhealthy or unsafe living conditions.  Applicants are unable to qualify for a traditional home repair loan. If qualified, applicants will receive a home visit to further evaluate their housing repair need. Applicants must own their home, property taxes be current,  and be able to provide documentation. Lakeway Area Habitat for Humanity  serves those living or working in Grainger, Claiborne, and Hamblen counties for at least 12 months.

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